Speaker's Talk

Plenary Speaker Title of the Talk
Prof. Dr. Andreas Fery From bio-inspired structure formation to plasmonic metamaterials
Prof. Józef T. Haponiuk Polymer-based phase change composites for energy storage
Prof. Ashutosh Tiwari Priority of Materials Research for achieving Climate Goals
Dr. John V Kennedy Nanostructured thermoelectric materials for Energy harvesting
Prof. Yogendra Kumar Mishra Tetrapods based Smart Materials for Advanced Technologies
Dr. M V Reddy Recent Advances on Materials for energy storage technology
Prof. G. Khashayar Metal and metal-non metal nanostructures, their interface with molecules, electrons and cations from they eyes of a physical chemist
Invited Speaker Title of the Talk
Dr. E. Bhoje Gowd Hierarchical Assemblies of Multifunctional Polymeric Systems
Dr. Subhankar Bedanta Organic spintronics
Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mallik Thermoelectric properties enhancement of Co4Sb12 via the combined strategy of filling the voids and nanocomposites
Dr. K. Girija Chemiresistive metal oxide nanomaterials as toxic gas sensors
Prof. Rajan Jose Materials for Sustainability and a Growing Population
Dr. Pravin Kumar Synthesis and modifications of novel materials by energetic ion beams
Prof. Shikha Varma Will be updated soon
Dr. N. K. Prasad Will be updated soon
Prof. D K Mishra Will be updated soon
Prof. R. S. Dubey State of Art Fabrication of UV, Visible, NIR Reflectors for Light Manipulations
Dr. Bijit Choudhuri Emerging Electronic Devices for Low Power Applications
Dr. Shivraj Singh Kasana Emerging Materials and Manufacturing Technologies for energy, defense and automotive sectors
Dr. Pratap Kollu Alternatives to Li-Ion batteries
Dr. Vasundhara Mutta Chalcogenide based nanomaterials for thermoelectrics
Dr. Bhaskar Dudem Wearable autonomous triboelectric sensors for biomedical applications